Kindle Paperwhite – Taking e-Reading to the Next Level

With new times come new habits thus new gadgets as well. Reading isn’t what it used to be or at least it grown to be not just plain reading. Simply holding a book in your hand and read it seems to become obsolete with every day that goes by. Today we have e-readers. They are little portable libraries that you can take along with you and …… but this is old news already so let’s get to the today’s topic: Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

The newest member in the Kindle family came as an upgrade to its famous predecessors, but is it? Let’s take a look.

At a first glance Paperwhite is a beautiful device, feather-weight (slightly heavier with 3G), compact and sturdy, seeming eager to be tossed in your bag and ready to travel. Paperwhite comes with an improved e-ink display in terms of sharpness and contrast (+25% according to Amazon).  The capacitive touch-screen is very responsive. Page turns are swift making the physical buttons on older Kindle models ancient history. Amazon has added a finish to the capacitive screen that feels like the paper stock used in high-end hardcover books. It’s a nice touch especially that no other reader has that.

At the bottom of the screen there are four LEDs that illuminate the screen doing a better job that Barnes & Noble’s but still far from perfect. However this feature brings forward the best thing about the display: it turns completely white – hence the paperwhite – when the backlight is on.

Unfortunately Paperwhite, like some of its predecessors, has still only 2 Mb internal memory and still no slot for adding extra memory. Also some of us would’ve expected the new Kindle e-reader to pack up a mp3 player but we are left wondering still.

Kindle Paperwhite – Source

There is however one feature in the Paperwhite that really impresses: the new Time to Read feature. If you’re lying in bed wondering if you have enough stamina to finish a chapter or the entire book, the Kindle can help you make that determination. By detecting your reading speed, it can display how much time is left in the chapter and/or how much time in the book.

The Amazon people were cheap when it came to accessorize the Paperwhite as they didn’t put in the package the AC adapter so it can be charged only via USB port. The good part is that the battery is supposed to sustain the device up to 57 days (even with the screen lit up) so recharging shouldn’t be quite a frequent task.

Bottom line, the major plus of Paperwhite remains the humongous Amazon library of digital book content (more than 1.5 million available books). If we add to that the swift functionality, the highly versatile screen, the Time to Read feature and the starting price of $119, Paperwhite is still in the top three e-readers to own.

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