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Nowadays three out five people on the street use headphones for either listening to music, talking on the phone or both. With the wide range of devices able to play mp3s listening to music has become a lot more at hand to everybody since it’s no longer necessary to buy a specialized gadget for that, a modern phone being more than enough. But when it comes to the quality of the audition we need to pay more attention to the headphones we land on/in our ears. My latest choice was the AKG K450the best headphones in its price range – so I decided to review them and take a closer look at their pros and cons.

After giving up on my Sennheiser CX 300 a couple of months ago I began searching for a new pair of compact/supra-aural headphones. My search ended when I came upon a pair of K 450s. There were a few interesting reviews online and after testing a few other brands in the same price range I decided to go for the AKG K 450. They are hardly a new entry on the market as they were released in 2010 but the most convincing argument for me was  the What Hifi Awards 2011 ‘Headphone Product of the Year” they were awarded by the notorious hi-fi experts. But let’s take a look at them from the usual user perspective.

The comfort is quite good as the head-band is well padded and the ear pads are soft and very comfy to the ears. The clamping force is perfect (at least for my head) but if you are wearing glasses it might get a little uncomfortable if worn for too long.

AKG K450 Headphones Review – Source zikinf.com

The quality of sound is excellent. Actually this is the strong point of these headphones. The bass is deep and hits hard especially with processed bass tracks (electronic, club, hip-hop). The mid-range is also good although an experienced ear might notice a slight dip in the lower mid-range, but then again it seems that all supra-aural headphones have it. The treble isn’t quite that impressive. I mean it’s there, it delivers the goods but it’s not as convincing as the bass for instance.

The huge frequency range of the K450 (11Hz – 29.5kHz) means that you’ll hear extra detail, from powerful bass to delicate treble and pure vocals, letting you hear parts of your favorite tracks that you never knew were there.

The build quality is top-notch. Some parts of these headphones as the cable and the 3D-axis folding mechanism might seem fragile but they proved to be quite reliable.  It comes with a premium carrying case which does an excellent job protecting the headphones while travelling. The package contains two cables of different sizes but they could’ve been a little longer (at least one of them). The cable connects to the headphones on the left side with an ingenious system as the cable needs to be turned 90 degrees to lock into place.

Bottom line, if you fancy Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Club, Hi-hop or even Rock music these are definitely an excellent choice for daily use and with a price around $75 you will have a hard time finding a close match.

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